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Live Snow Map

Live Snow Map
"Snow Before You Go"


Live Snow Map is a weather app for Android that presents geographic snowpack data in an intuitive map interface. For example, users may display maps with data representing:

  • Snow depth change over the last 24/48/72 hours
  • Current snow water equivalent
  • Density of new snow added from midnight yesterday morning to midnight this morning
  • Specific volume change from November first to March first

Empty circle markers are drawn for each of the stations. The markers are colored in based on their values relative to the values of all of the visible markers. Scroll and zoom the map and the markers are re-drawn based on the new scale of the new values. Click a marker to see a summary of the station's data. Click the data summary to see a chart of the station's data. Click a data point to get the data details.

The application settings and snowpack data are saved as they are updated. Once a set of data has been downloaded and viewed, it becomes available off-line for use in locations without Wi-Fi or mobile data service.

The three levels of the app are Free, Plus, and Pro. Android Jelly Bean (4.1) or newer is required. Live Snow Map does not contain ads and is supported by purchases of the Plus and Pro levels and by donations. Live Snow Map requires no registration and does not collect any personal information.

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